The Lloyd Morrison Foundation supports organisations that seek to improve the lives of New Zealanders

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Lloyd firmly believed New Zealand would only be better off when all New Zealanders were better off. During his illness the philanthropist, arts patron and visionary decided to create a foundation to contribute to building a better New Zealand for the country’s sick, vulnerable and underprivileged. Lloyd’s aim was that The Lloyd Morrison Foundation would indefinitely make long term donations of significance to causes and organisations that seek to improve the lives of those that live in New Zealand.


In 2015 The Lloyd Morrison Foundation was launched at Morrison & Co's Wellington office with the announcement of three years of funding for Wellington Free Ambulance. It was appropriate that the first donation was made in the city where H.R.L. Morrison & Co was founded. The donation provides three ambulances, support vehicles and funds the Heartbeat CPR training programme which aims to make the Wellington region one of the safer places in the world to suffer a cardiac arrest.

Wellington Free Ambulance covers a population of 500,000 people and is the only free ambulance service in New Zealand. While it receives $20 million of government funding it currently has to find $4 million of additional funding, annually, from the local community to meet the calls on its services. 

The Lloyd Morrison Foundation Board, Chairman Julie Nevett and Trustees  Lib Petagna and Jan Galloway, are committed to supporting organisations and causes that are promoted and supported by the Morrison & Co team and therefore they do not seek or consider outside submissions.  In addition the Board are determined to support reputable, capable organisations that plan to contribute to improving New Zealand society for the long term.