Growing from our home markets in Australia and New Zealand, today we are global investors with significant assets under management in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe and North America.

Sector focus and platform opportunities

Our investment decisions are supported by research and high-conviction beliefs in long-term trends that bridge business cycles. Examples of trends underlying our current portfolio of assets across include global decarbonisation, increase in the ageing population, growth in data and related infrastructure, global mobility, urbanisation and expanding social infrastructure requirements. Our sectors of expertise and current focus include:


Energy & Decarbonisation

Morrison & Co has extensive experience in large scale energy investments, including electricity generation, transmission and distribution, gas distribution networks and energy retailing.  We have a strategic focus on opportunities arising from the decarbonisation of energy markets, including renewable energy development in Australasia, North America and China, and the transformation of network assets to support a decarbonised grid.


Transportation & Mobility

Morrison & Co has a longstanding record of investment across the transportation sector, including ports, airports, public transport, rail and roads. In addition to managing material transportation infrastructure assets today, Morrison & Co remains closely attuned to changing mobility trends, the role technology may play in shaping transport services, and the implications and opportunities these could create for infrastructure investors.


Essential Eldercare Services

We believe private capital will play an increasingly important role as developed market economies around the world grapple with their ageing populations. Specific areas of focus for Morrison & Co include the development and management of retirement accommodation, the provision of care, and the opportunities for other services tailored to an ageing demographic.


Data infrastructure

Morrison & Co is conscious of the increasing connectivity of the digital world we inhabit today, and the changing nature of infrastructure required to support it. Our interest in data infrastructure spans a range of sectors, including data centres, telecommunications networks, registries and technology platforms that underpin efficient markets.


Social infrastructure & accommodation

Morrison & Co believes there is a significant role for private capital to play in the delivery of social infrastructure particularly as developed market economies grapple with the challenges of aging populations, urbanisation and constrained government balance sheets.  Private capital can bring innovative solutions and value for money to public procurement processes and ongoing asset management, or deliver outstanding customer experiences in both public and user pays environments. Morrison & Co's focus areas within social infrastructure includes eldercare and healthcare, education, health, student accommodation and social housing, transportation and justice.


Sector and Investment Case Studies

A selection of current and previous investments

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